The Paper Dice Games Podcast

Paper Dice Games Podcast

I decided to create a podcast! It is called the Paper Dice Games Podcast, and will be released Tuesday mornings.

You can find the audio version here, and the podcast with video on Youtube here.

The first “season” (which is really me trialing the process and work needed to create a podcast) will last 5 weeks, starting on Tuesday July 27th, and ending with the last episode on Tuesday August 24th.

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Podcast Structure and Feedback

The podcast will be recorded by me, sitting in front of a camera and mic, talking. As fun as it is (at least I find it is) to talk about games all day, I’m uncertain if I will find topics that you think are interesting. So, to help with this, I want the podcast to be a conversation as much as it can be! I encourage you to discuss topics, give me feedback, or tell me why I’m wrong through twitter @paperdicegames, or email at: paperdicegames (at)

The structure of the podcast is as follows.

Cool Game

I’ll start by pointing out a cool game I’ve found recently. My hope is that the game is off the beaten path enough to provide value you for you. My inclination is to put print and play games in this spot (similar to the games I like to design), but I don’t want to box myself in to one style or genre. Really, I just want to highlight cool games that you may not have heard of.

Season Focus

I have wanted to host a podcast for a while, but I had two big problems: Time, and Content.

Time was a problem, because I know that I can’t sustain a weekly podcast year round. After some research, I realized that other podcasts solve this by breaking the year into seasons. I’ve done that with mine, so that I can release my episodes on time.

Content was a problem, because I have too much I want to talk about! I very much admire podcasts that focus on a single topic or game system like Behind the Claw ( a Traveller podcast) and Drive to Work (a game design podcast). However, I didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself quite in that way.

So I decided that each season, I would have a different focus, and that would be a continuous thread among each episode in that season.

In season 1, my focus is Old School Dungeons and Dragons modules. I have a small collection of these modules from the 70s and 80s, and I plan to outline the favorites from my collection, why I enjoy them, and what some of the interesting things you can find at the genesis of role playing.

Project Updates and Giveaway

Part of my goal with the podcast is to give updates about the games I am designing. However, I didn’t want to just talk about my designs and upcoming projects – I wanted the podcast to be worth listening to in a more concrete sense!

Therefore, I decided that each podcast I would announce a deal, sale, or giveaway. For now, that information will only be included in the podcast, so if you are interested in this, be sure to listen!

Topic Discussion

I also wanted to use part of the podcast time to discuss topics that crop up from time to time in the gaming community. This is the section of the podcast that I would love to have more of a discussion. Of course, I’ll share my thoughts on the topic, but would love to hear yours!

Listener Questions

Finally, any additional listener questions, feedback, shoutouts, or disagreements will be be read here. Again, you can contact me through twitter @paperdicegames, or email at: paperdicegames (at)

Podcast Goals and Future

I have a few overall goals with this podcast.

  • Create an entertaining half hour+ of content
  • Share new (and old!) games and resources that you may not be aware of
  • Give updates and news on my games, as well as some freebies
  • Have fun

I’m hoping that, with the plan outlined above, I can hit all of these goals.

The future of the podcast really depends on how this first season goes. If I have a lot of fun, I don’t feel overwhelmed planning for and recording 5 episodes in 5 weeks, and listeners enjoy the podcast, I think I’ll keep it going.

If any of those three items don’t happen, I might have to think hard about what season 2 will look like. If 2 or 3 of those things don’t happen, then maybe I will end with just a season 1.

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading! I’d be curious to hear what your thoughts are on the podcast! Again, you can contact me through twitter @paperdicegames, or email at: paperdicegames (at) I hope to hear from you!

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