Underdark Expansion

Hidden well beneath the great mountains, there exists a gloomy and gargantuan cavern inhabited by the dark civilizations of the world. Goblins, Dark Elves, and Dark Dwarves build their armies and thrive in the empty spaces between the stone. Your mine will dig deep and reach the fabled Underdark. Will you navigate the dangers of the Underdark and survive in the dark place beneath the mountain? Or will the dangerous creatures spell your doom. Play to find out, as your mine tells its story!

Underdark Expansion at DriveThruRPG

Underdark Expansion at itch.io

Please note: the Underdark expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to play.

Dwarf Mine Underdark

The Underdark Expansion includes:

  • A brand new Dwarf Mine map
  • Three different “Aggro Tracks”
  • 7 new rooms for your Dwarf Mine
  • 3 new Treasure Tables (one for each mine level)
  • 3 new Combat Tables (one for each mine level)
  • A new type of mine level (the Underdark)
  • New mechanics unique to this map

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