The Underdark – Dwarf Mine Expansion Released

Dwarf Mine Underdark

The third Dwarf Mine expansion is out! Dwarf Mine: Underdark is now available!

Underdark Expansion at DriveThruRPG

Underdark Expansion at

Please note: the Underdark expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to play.

Dwarf Mine: Underdark Overview

Hidden well beneath the great mountains, there exists a gloomy and gargantuan cavern inhabited by the dark civilizations of the world. Goblins, Dark Elves, and Dark Dwarves build their armies and thrive in the empty spaces between the stone. Your mine will dig deep and reach the fabled Underdark. Will you navigate the dangers of the Underdark and survive in the dark place beneath the mountain? Or will the dangerous creatures spell your doom. Play to find out, as your mine tells its story!

The Underdark Expansion includes:

  • A brand new Dwarf Mine map
  • Three different “Aggro Tracks”
  • 7 new rooms for your Dwarf Mine
  • 3 new Treasure Tables (one for each mine level)
  • 3 new Combat Tables (one for each mine level)
  • A new type of mine level (the Underdark)
  • New mechanics unique to this map

Other Expansions, Community, and More

Like I said above, you can check out the Underdark expansion at the two links below.

Underdark Expansion at DriveThruRPG

Underdark Expansion at

We also have a small (but growing) community for Dwarf mine over at reddit. If you are interested, I encourage you to check it out! There’s been some great sharing of mines, and great design discussion going on.

I’m also excited for the campaign mode of Dwarf Mine. It’s still in the concept phase (which means I am taking ideas), but it will allow me to expand into some directions I’ve wanted to go with the game, and fine-tune some aspects of the game that I think could be improved. To help support some of my needs for this game, I’ve started a bundle on both and DriveThruRPG. If you have friends looking to get into the game, the bundle would save them a bit of cash!

If you want to stay up to date with all the great things I am doing, you can check out my Patreon page here, or sign up for my email list here:

Above all, thank you for being fans of games! I hope you enjoy!

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