Paper Dice Games Patreon

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my Paper Dice Games Patreon Page!

I have a short bit I want to say about it below, so if you are interested, please continue reading! If not, no worries, I appreciate you being a fan of my games!

The Patreon Benefits

I’ve waffled several times before on whether or not I wanted to run a Patreon Page. I needed to figure out what I could offer to my patrons. After a lot of research and brainstorming, I think I have a few different benefits that are interesting and fun for you.

You can check out the benefits in detail on the Patreon Page here.

Game Downloads

The first thing I want to make sure, is that any patrons who are supporting me, are getting my games. It would feel…icky…if patrons, who are supporting me, have to go out and also buy my games. So, if you are able to show your support, each level includes certain free PDF game downloads.

I’m also going to include early access to games, for those of you who want games before the general public!

On a Walk Podcast

I also wanted to offer some sort of audio content. I previously experimented with a podcast, but it took a bit too long to produce each episode (and I’ve since transitioned to releasing Youtube videos). However, a Patreon-exclusive podcast seemed like a great fit. 

Once a week during my afternoon walks, I will record a podcast outlining my project updates, game design ideas, and discussion topics. The podcast is only available for Patreon supporters.

Peek Behind the Scenes

The final thing I wanted to make sure I include is a peek behind the scenes of my design process. I will be posting design notes, playtest documents, sketches, and other items showing the messy (but exciting!) game design process before the final game is produced.

My Goals

I have a few goals related to my Patreon Page. First and foremost, I’m hoping to be able to free up more of my time to make more games. In a perfect world, this would be a full-time job for me. However, I’m very, very, very, very far away from that goal. Hosting a Patreon Page does get me closer to this goal though, and every little bit helps.

The second goal I have is to make higher quality productions. Currently, this is focused around art. I am not an artist, and one of my biggest limiting factors in publishing games is paying for art. Patreon supporters will help me bridge this gap, and allow me to pay for higher quality art in the games I make.

I have some other goals, but those would come into play only if the Patreon Page is successful. So for now, I’m focused on the first two – spending more time on game design, and paying for higher quality art.

Check out the Patreon Page

If you’ve read this far, you may be interested in being a supporter! You can check out my Patreon Page here, and decide what level of support is right for you.

Thank you so much for reading, for any support you decide to give, and for being a fan of my games!

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