Barrier Mountains Expansion

The Barrier Mountains are the site of a strange falling star from years ago! Your mine will strike the earth at the Barrier Mountains, and uncover the secrets of an ancient artifact buried deep below. Will you discover its secrets? Or will your mine fall to the odd creatures that inhabit these mountains? Play to find out, as your mine tells its story!

Buy the Barrier Mountains Expansion at DriveThruRPG

Buy the Barrier Mountains Expansion at

Please Note: The Barrier Mountains Expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to be played.

The Barrier Mountains Expansion includes:

  • A brand new Dwarf Mine map
  • 4 new rooms for your Dwarf Mine
  • 4 new final bosses to fight
  • 4 new Treasure Tables (one for each mine level)
  • 4 new Combat Tables (one for each mine level)
  • New mechanics unique to this map

If you are interested in checking out the Dwarf Mine community, join r/DwarfMine!

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