Barrier Mountains – Dwarf Mine Expansion Release

I wanted to give a quick announcement – the first Dwarf Mine expansion, Dwarf Mine: Barrier Mountains, is now available!

Barrier Mountains at DriveThruRPG

Barrier Mountains at

Please note: the Barrier Mountains expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to play.

Dwarf Mine: Barrier Mountains Overview

Barrier Mountains is the first Dwarf Mine expansion. In Barrier Mountains, you’ll be starting to dig your mine towards something a little different buried in the mountain – an old artifact, which fell from the stars long ago.

Hint – the artifact is a space ship!

Yes, Barrier Mountains is a sci fi expansion for dwarf mine. Gameplay focuses around accessing the rooms of the spaceship, and working towards using the room benefits. The expansion also includes powerful enemies, amazing treasure (laser guns!), and a unique Dwarf Mine experience. 

In total, the expansion includes:

  • A brand new Dwarf Mine map
  • 4 new rooms for your Dwarf Mine
  • 4 new final bosses to fight
  • 4 new Treasure Tables (one for each mine level)
  • 4 new Combat Tables (one for each mine level)
  • New mechanics unique to this map

Expansions, Communities, and More

Like I said above, you can check out the Barrier Mountains at the two links below.

Barrier Mountains at DriveThruRPG

Barrier Mountains at

We also have a small (but growing) community for Dwarf mine over at reddit. If you are interested, I encourage you to check it out! There’s been some great sharing of mines, and great design discussion going on.

I’m also expecting to release two more expansions later this summer. As I discussed in this article, I am excited to release the Magestone Mountain expansion, as well as the Underdark expansion – all hopefully in the next few months. 

Finally, I’m excited for my “pie-in-the-sky” expansion for Dwarf Mine – some type of campaign mode. A while back I asked for feedback from Dwarf Mine players, and a lot of the feedback was asking for a style of play that was a bit closer to an RPG than a board game. That, in addition to the excitement around digging deeper into the mountain beyond mine level 4, make a campaign mode expansion a really exciting prospect. I’m hopeful I can try and move towards this sometime next year.

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