Dwarf Mine – 3 New Expansions

I’m excited to announce 3 new expansions coming for Dwarf Mine! 

Barrier Mountains – The site of a mysterious falling star, an ancient artifact, and strange creatures with powerful weapons.

Magestone Mountain – Do dwarves and magic mix? They do, if the rocks themselves have magic!

The Underdark – Can your mine survive the mountain, and the dark caverns known as the Underdark?

Expansion Details

Each expansion offers unique, fun, and different ways to play Dwarf Mine. The talented Emily Fairchild (instagram @aethermage_) has created a brand new Dwarf Mine Map for each of these expansions. 

Each expansion also includes new rooms, rules, treasure, enemies, and bosses!

For example, the Barrier Mountains expansion includes the following:

  • A brand new Dwarf Mine map
  • 4 new rooms for your Dwarf Mine
  • 4 new final bosses to fight
  • 4 new Treasure Tables (one for each mine level)
  • 4 new Combat Tables (one for each mine level)
  • New mechanics unique to this map

When Can I Get the Expansions

The Barrier Mountains expansion will be released soon, possibly by next week! The Magestone Mountain expansion will be later, and the Underdark expansion will be latest. I’m hoping to have all expansions available by the end of summer.

All expansions will be available for purchase via DriveThruRPG, and itch.io

If you are interested in staying up to date with these releases, consider signing up for my mailing list here!

Other Paper Dice Games News

For Dwarf Mine, I’m hoping that these expansions generate enough interest so I can create the biggest expansion I’ve been planning – a campaign mode for Dwarf Mine. Previously, I’ve referred to this as “The Deep.” This game would explore what happens beyond mine level four, and instead of fighting a boss at the end of mine level four, the campaign mode would allow for constant expansion (and re-expansion, as enemies destroy or control parts of your mine). It’s a huge project, but one I am quite excited about.

There are a few other items I’m hoping I can create this year. The successful Distress Calls for Space RPGs book has inspired me to start brainstorming a similar RPG resource – but for derelict ship encounters.

I also have a brand new game that I’ve been designing, playtesting, and redesigning over the last 7 or so years. If you’ve ever watched me stream on twitch (which I do rarely), you may have seen me mention it. It’s a solo space game – a huge project – and I’m hoping to have something concrete and ready to publish by the end of this year.

Finally, there’s quite a bit of tragedy in the world over the past few months. If you want to support a good cause and get games, I would suggest checking out the DriveThruRPG Doctor’s Without Borders Bundles here, where Dwarf Mine is included.

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