Dwarf Mine

Dwarf Mine is a game about drawing and designing a mine, uncovering treasure, and surviving the dangers of the mountain.

In Dwarf Mine, you will draw your mine on graph paper, roll dice to determine what gold, gems, or other treasure you’ve discovered, and (hopefully) defeat monsters in combat, keeping your mine alive and thriving!

By the end of the game, you’ll have created rich and unique history for your mine – no two games are the same!

You can find the Mine Sheet and Mountainscape (Free), as well as purchase links for the game below!

If you are interested in checking out the Dwarf Mine community, join r/DwarfMine!

How to Play

You can watch a play session on Youtube, outlining how to play Dwarf Mine.

Expansion News

The following expansions have been added to the 1.0 release!

  • Mountain Creation – Create a mountain with different secrets each time you play.
  • More than a Dragon – Includes 3 other level four enemies to fight.
  • Bloodlines – Your dwarf leader will give your mine unique abilities!
  • More Rooms – Get more rooms to build in your mine!
  • Barrier Mountains Expansion
  • Magestone Mountain Expansion

The following expansions are being considered.

  • Underdark
  • A Dwarf Mine Campaign Mode

If any of these expansions sound interesting to you, or you have ideas for more, let me know! I work faster when I know someone wants to play games!

Stay up to date with the development and completion of these expansions at: paperdicegames.com, or twitter: @paperdicegames.

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The third Dwarf Mine expansion is out! Dwarf Mine: Underdark is now available! Underdark Expansion at DriveThruRPG Underdark Expansion at itch.io Please note: the Underdark expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to play. Dwarf Mine: Underdark Overview Hidden well beneath the great mountains, there exists a gloomy and gargantuan cavern inhabited by the dark…

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Barrier Mountains – Dwarf Mine Expansion Release

I wanted to give a quick announcement – the first Dwarf Mine expansion, Dwarf Mine: Barrier Mountains, is now available! Barrier Mountains at DriveThruRPG Barrier Mountains at itch.io Please note: the Barrier Mountains expansion requires the Dwarf Mine base game to play. Dwarf Mine: Barrier Mountains Overview Barrier Mountains is the first Dwarf Mine expansion.…

Dwarf Mine – 3 New Expansions

I’m excited to announce 3 new expansions coming for Dwarf Mine!  Barrier Mountains – The site of a mysterious falling star, an ancient artifact, and strange creatures with powerful weapons. Magestone Mountain – Do dwarves and magic mix? They do, if the rocks themselves have magic! The Underdark – Can your mine survive the mountain,…

Doctors without Borders, Ukraine, and Dwarf Mine

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Dwarf Mine – New Release

The new release for Dwarf Mine is here! You can find the important information on the release below. What is Included in the Dwarf Mine Update There are 2 expansions and 3 appendices included in this update for Dwarf Mine. Bloodlines Expansion The Bloodlines Expansion gives your dwarf leader a name, and a unique ability…

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In a few weeks, I will be releasing two free expansions for Dwarf Mine – Bloodlines and More Rooms – as well as a few helpful Appendices at the end of the rules. You can read more about the expansions and other additions below. Here’s the important information for you to know. If you’ve already…