Dwarf Mine

Dwarf Mine is a game about drawing and designing a mine, uncovering treasure, and surviving the dangers of the mountain. In Dwarf Mine, you will draw your mine on graph paper, roll dice to determine what gold, gems, or other treasure you’ve discovered, and (hopefully) defeat monsters in combat, keeping your mine alive and thriving! In playing Dwarf Mine, you’ll create a rich and unique history for your mine – no two games are the same!

The free version of Dwarf Mine includes:

Expansion News

There is an expansion coming for Dwarf Mine! The expansion will include the following game modes:

  • Mountain Creation – Create a mountain with different secrets every time you play!
  • More than a Dragon – What else might lurk in the depths of the mountain…
  • Dwarf Lineage – Maintain a lineage of dwarves to lead your mine!
  • More Rooms – Get more rooms to build your mine!
  • The Deep – What will you find when you dig deeper than level 4?

The expansion will likely be released sometime in August 2020. I’ll be sure to post an accurate date as it becomes clear!

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