Deduction Name Game


  • 7-17 Players
  • 30 minutes
  • ages 7+


Deduction Name Game is a party style game about teamwork, memory, deduction, and coming up with a super secret name!

In Deduction Name Game, players choose and write down a secret name, hoping it remains secret. By taking turns, players try to guess each other’s secret names. As the secret names of players are guessed, they join teams. As the teams grow, more names are guessed, until there is only one secret name left – the winner!

Posts about Deduction Name Game

Deduction Name Game – A New Look

I wanted to give everyone a brief update on a game I published last year – Deduction Name Game (if you haven’t checked it out, yet, it’s a great game for 10 people). When I first published the game, I was a fledgling independent tabletop game publisher, with very little resources, pedigree, or experience to…

What I Learned – Deduction Name Game

About a year ago I completed my first game*, Deduction Name Game. Today, I’m revisiting my design to see what I’ve learned since then. *Kind of…keep reading, you’ll see. The Game Deduction Name Game is a game that my wife, Anna, taught me many years ago. It’s a name memory game (which brought about my…

Deduction Name Game

It’s game night. Between 7 and 17 friends are gathered in my basement. We all want to play a game together, but don’t have anything great for that number – at least not on hand. We’re stuck! The above scenario has happened to me a shocking amount of times. Sure, we could split up and…