Dwarf Mine for Extra Life 2022

Every year one of my college friends hosts an extra life event (you can check out last year’s here). It’s happening again this year, and I have an idea I think will drive some donations.

For every picture of a Dwarf Mine posted to this reddit thread, I will donate $5 to Extra Life (Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals).

To help make this a bit easier for everyone to participate in, I’m going to make Dwarf Mine 70% off for the next month! 

Around midnight between Friday December 2nd and Saturday December 3rd, I’ll donate $5 for each mine picture posted to the subreddit

If you’re interested, you can get Dwarf Mine on sale at the links below:

DriveThruRPG – Dwarf Mine Sale

Itch.io – Dwarf Mine Sale

After you’ve played, be sure to post an image of your mine to the reddit thread here! Each picture is a $5 donation!

Finally, if you want to donate yourself, you can do so at the link below:

Donate to Extra Life 2022

My Thoughts on Redistribution

Possibly my favorite quote is, “Luck happens when preparation and opportunity meet.” Without getting too philosophical, I interpret this idea in a way that luck = opportunity…but only if you are prepared. Again, without getting too off-topic, I consider myself pretty lucky so far in my life – after all, I sell games as a hobby.

There are lots of human beings who need help in this world, and my sphere of influence is quite small. To broaden my sphere of influence, over the last half-decade I’ve been working on ensuring I give a % of my salary to charities, local causes, and youth initiatives. For what it’s worth (and it’s not worth much), I even redistribute 3% of my revenue from Paper Dice Games sales to charity.

I don’t want to overweight the influence of Paper Dice Games, but I do think it’s important to use a platform with some influence to help lessen the suffering of others. Which leads me to why I’m once again posting about Extra Life.

I appreciate you reading, and considering your own redistribution of wealth. Maybe you’re in a place where you can help others, and are going to donate. If so, thank you!

Or, maybe you’re not in a place where you can donate, and you need to focus on your own security and needs first. That’s just fine too (I’ve been there!). If this is the case, but you still want to participate, send me an email at paperdicegames (at) gmail.com, and I will send you a copy of Dwarf Mine for free – so you can play, post your mine, and help redistribute more this year for extra life.

Thank you, everyone.


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