Dwarf Mine: Bloodlines Expansion and More

In a few weeks, I will be releasing two free expansions for Dwarf Mine – Bloodlines and More Rooms – as well as a few helpful Appendices at the end of the rules. You can read more about the expansions and other additions below.

Here’s the important information for you to know. If you’ve already purchased Dwarf Mine, the expansions will be free for you. When you purchased the game, you downloaded the file from the store you purchased from. When I release the expansions, you should be able to re-download the game, and the expansions will be included in the updated file.

If you haven’t purchased Dwarf Mine yet, I suggest checking out the Paper Dice Games Podcast. Every week I offer a sale or freebie, and you might be able to catch a discount for Dwarf Mine before the expansion is released!

Bloodlines Expansion

The Bloodlines Expansion for Dwarf Mine focuses on the Dwarf Leader of the mine.

In the base game, the Dwarf Leader doesn’t have any mechanical changes to the game. You pick a dwarf-y sounding name, and start playing. The Bloodlines Expansion changes this.

Dwarf Name Generator

First, the Bloodlines Expansion includes a dwarf name generator. This is a table of prefixes and suffixes that, when randomly rolled on, give your dwarf leader a very dwarf-y sounding name.

To use the dwarf name generator above, roll a d6 on the first table, to determine how to create your dwarf leader’s first and last name.

Then, roll d20s on the second table, to determine which prefix, middle, and suffix should be used to create your dwarf name!

Here’s an example. For my dwarf leader’s first name, I rolled a 4. This means I will roll a d20 on the prefix table, and a d20 on the suffix table. I rolled a 15 on the prefix table, and 7 on the suffix table. My dwarf leader’s first name is Norgor!

For my dwarf leader’s last name, I rolled a 3. This means I will roll a d20 on the middle table, and a d20 on the suffix table. I rolled a 8 on the middle table, and a 2 on the suffix table. My dwarf leader’s last name is Durndal.

Norgor Durndal, what a dwarf-y sounding name!

Dwarf Leader Ability

In addition to the name generator, the Bloodlines expansion gives each dwarf leader a unique ability. These abilities will benefit your ability to mine the mountain, and sometimes will even help you with different strategies when you mine the mountain.

These abilities add more possibilities for each and every mine you build!

Get the Bloodlines Expansion Now – and Free!

If you’re interested and excited about trying out the Bloodlines Expansion now, you can get it free at the button below!

More Rooms Expansion…and More

In addition to the Bloodlines Expansion, I will be adding the More Rooms Expansion, as well as a few Appendices.

More Rooms Expansion

The More Rooms Expansion will add a more new rooms for you to build in your mine! Each of these rooms shares something in common – they all have very powerful benefits for your mine! But with each of these benefits, comes a steep cost…

Here are some benefits: One room gives you 1d6 gold per turn, in addition to any treasure rolls you make! Another adds 1d6 to your attack die result. Still another allows you to use the room a single time, to ignore the result of a single combat damage roll!

The costs can be steep though. One room can only be built if you have 3 or fewer barracks in your mine. Another room must be built in Mine Level 4. Still another has a depth of…20 squares!

The More Rooms Expansion is sure to give you more opportunities to build your mine in different ways, giving you a better chance at glory and prestige!

Appendix 1, 2, 3

As of now (and this may change in the next few weeks), I am planning on adding three different appendices to Dwarf Mine. There won’t be any direct gameplay changes, but each appendix should make Dwarf Mine easier, and more fun, to play.

Appendix 1 is an easy-reference player aid, with information for all rooms (including the More Rooms Expansion) on a single, printable page. This will reduce the amount of scrolling (if you are viewing the pdf digitally) or page flipping (if you printed Dwarf Mine out on paper) when you want to build a room.

Appendix 2 is a room-name generator. If you have problems coming up with unique names for the rooms in your mine, this appendix will help! Similar to the dwarf name generator, each room starts with a d20 roll on the prefix table. Then, a second roll is added based on the room type. At the end, you create a unique, dwarf-y sounding room name, like “Deepshield” for a barracks, or “Bottomhearth” for a hovel.

Appendix 3 is an achievement list! If you are looking for more ways to play Dwarf Mine, or you are a completionist type, this appendix will keep you busy game after game after game!

Wrap Up

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading about the upcoming Dwarf Mine expansions! My plan is to release these in a few weeks – but I’m still finishing everything up, so release is subject to change.

Remember, if you’ve already purchased Dwarf Mine, you can get these expansions for free! You should be able to re-download the game file from the store you purchased it at, when the expansions are released.

If you haven’t purchased Dwarf Mine, you can do so here at DrivethruRPG.com, or here at itch.io

You can also listen to the podcast and wait for a sale to arrive!

Finally, if you want to try out the Bloodlines Expansion right now, you can download it for free, here!

5 thoughts on “Dwarf Mine: Bloodlines Expansion and More

  1. Hi xindaar!

    Thanks for checking out the game! The “More Rooms” expansion and the “Bloodlines” expansion are complete, and included in the pdf if you purchase the game.

    If you previously purchased the game, you can go to the website you made your purchase from, re-download the pdf, and the expansions will be included in that new PDF.

    Please let me know if you have any issues or other questions. Thank you!



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