Dwarf Mine – New Release

The new release for Dwarf Mine is here! You can find the important information on the release below.

What is Included in the Dwarf Mine Update

There are 2 expansions and 3 appendices included in this update for Dwarf Mine.

Bloodlines Expansion

The Bloodlines Expansion gives your dwarf leader a name, and a unique ability to help lead your mine to the treasures of the mountain! You can read more about the Bloodlines Expansion here.

More Rooms Expansion

The More Rooms Expansion gives you several new rooms to build into your mine, including a Trap Room, Main Mineshaft, and Scouting Room. These rooms give you opportunities to take your mine into new directions, vastly varying your mine from game to game.

Appendix 1 – Rooms Player Aid

The first appendix is a Rooms Player Aid. This page has all rooms, sizes, costs, requirements, and benefits on a single printable page, so you don’t need to cross reference multiple pages when deciding what room to build in your mine.

Appendix 2 – Room Name Generator

Did you know that the rules state you should create unique names for each room in your mine? If you need a bit of help, the Room Name Generator gives you a way to generate some new room names if you’re out of ideas.

Appendix 3 – Dwarf Mine Achievements

Do you want to show off your achievements in Dwarf Mine? Now you can! The Dwarf Mine achievements appendix gives you some goals to play for – and new titles you can assign to your dwarf leaders when you reach those achievements. Good luck, Dragonslayers!

Where Can I Buy Dwarf Mine

You can purchase Dwarf Mine in two places currently:

I’ve Already Purchased Dwarf Mine

If you’ve already purchased Dwarf Mine, and want to download the updated game files, log in to the marketplace you purchased the game from, and re-download the files. You will be able to play with the new expansions and appendices there!

I Want More Dwarf Mine

Still want more Dwarf Mine? Good news – I have plans for one final expansion, called “The Deep.” With this expansion, you’ll be able to mine deep into the heart of the mountain, below mine level 4. Here you’ll encounter strange and dangerous creatures, greater treasure, and other wondrous and fantastic things.

I don’t have a release timeline for The Deep, but if you are interested, please let me know! I can be reached on twitter @paperdicegames, or email paperdicegames (at) gmail.com

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