Introducing Dwarf Mine

Dwarf Mine is a game about drawing and designing a mine, uncovering treasure, and surviving the dangers of the mountain.

In Dwarf Mine, you will draw your mine on graph paper, roll dice to determine what gold, gems, or other treasure you’ve discovered, and (hopefully) defeat monsters in combat, keeping your mine alive and thriving!

By the end of the game, you’ll have created rich and unique history for your mine – no two games are the same!

Dwarf Mine is available on here, and DriveThruRPG here.

There are some unique experiences in this game, that I wanted to share below.

You Design the Mine

There are a few things to point out about Dwarf Mine. First, is that you design your mine. Where the rooms are located, which rooms to choose, and how deep to dig – these are all decisions you make while playing.

A Different Mountain

You’ll also notice that different events can impact the mountain.

For example, a rock worm might carved out a layer of rock that is unstable and dangerous to mine in, even for dwarves.

Or, natural caves may block prime mining locations for your mountain.

These changes to the mountain make each game different, and designing each mine a challenge.

Rooms and History

The names of each room in your mine are unique. As you build your mine, you will be naming the rooms of your mine. What will your first hovel be called? Your first barracks? Is your great hall just a great hall, or is it the Throat of the Slumbering Bear?

Just as your rooms are unique, the history of the mine is too. On the mine sheet, you’ll see a significant amount of space to record the history of your mine.

No two games of Dwarf Mine are the same, and you can keep records of your successes – and failures – as you play.

How to Play

If you want a primer on how to play Dwarf Mine, check out my play session of Dwarf Mine.

Dwarf Mine is available on here, and DriveThruRPG here.

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