13 Dwarves and a Burglar – A Dwarf Mine Challenge

Over the holidays, I was cleaning out some old design documents, and found some of my initial design notes for Dwarf Mine. Inspired, I went back to some of my original source material, and decided that Dwarf Mine needed it’s own challenge. Allow me to introduce to you, 13 Dwarves and a Burglar – A Dwarf Mine Challenge.

What is the Challenge

13 Dwarves and a Burglar is a challenge that pits a scrappy group of 13 dwarves, and a burglar with keen ability, against a fallen mine that has enemies in every room.

In this challenge, instead of digging hallways and ladders and building rooms, you will be reclaiming rooms of a mine (preferably, a mine from a previous game you or a friend has played). Each room you reclaim will give you the benefits of that room. Do you have what it takes to reclaim a lost mine, for both prestige and gold?

More on Dwarf Mine

I have some big plans for Dwarf Mine this year, and this is just the start. This challenge will eventually be included in the full rules of Dwarf Mine, but I have a few more play-modes I want to design (with a Legacy play mode as probably the most complex). For now, you can play the challenge for free, by downloading the pdf here!

I have a few other updates and expansion ideas I want to add to Dwarf Mine this year. If you are interested in providing feedback, I have a survey you could take linked here

If you have other feedback, please get in touch through one of the ways below:

• Chatting with us on r/DwarfMine
• Twitter: @papderdicegames
• Email: paperdicegames (at) gmail.com

Above all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has continued to play, discuss, and share about Dwarf Mine. It is amazing to see so many people playing and having fun with the game. I couldn’t make these updates, expansions, and free challenges without all of your support. For all of that, I say thank you!

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