A Dwarf Mine Subreddit

This will be a quick post! I created a Dwarf Mine subreddit – it can be accessed at reddit.com/r/dwarfmine.


I noticed I was getting questions from several areas. I had a few questions through itch.io, through DriveThruRPG, and through the comments section on this blog. There have also been small discussions on BoardGameGeek.com

While I think it’s important to keep any and all avenues of communication open (in other words, if you have questions, continue to ask!) – I have noticed in the last few months that there’s a lot of different places people are going to discuss Dwarf Mine.

So now there is a subreddit. You can share pictures and achievements of your mine, give feedback and ideas for future updates, ask questions, and connect with other Dwarf Mine fans.

I hope this will be useful for all you miners out there!

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