Distress Calls for Space RPGs – A Cover

Distress Calls Cover

The cover art for Distress Calls for Space RPGs finished up last week – check it out!

It’s a really great piece of art by Mac Teg of MacTeg.com. It’s done in a pulpy-old school sci fi kind of style, and captures the chaos and action of – well – a distress call! Thank you Mac for the wonderful art!

What’s Next

Despite some family disruptions (everyone is healthy, thankfully, but COVID is still rearing its ugly head), I have not had as much time as I want to work on Distress Calls for Space RPGs. However, I think it’s still on track for a November release. Here’s my updated “to do” list from my first article.

  • Content – Done! (though I can still add more if I want)
  • Art – Done!
  • Usability – Next. This will also probably finish the layout of the resource. It’s looking to be close to 30 pages total.
  • Uniformity – This will probably occur during the first round of proofreading. In it’s current state, the resource refers to skill checks passively. I think I’m going to call them out specifically, to make sure there is no ambiguity for the reader.
  • Proofreading – This will occur during my uniformity checks, and once more at the end.
  • Pricing – This will happen whenever I feel like it, or possibly last.

If you want to keep up to date with the project, all posts are aggregated on the Distress Calls for Space RPGs page, here.

If you want to help proofread (I can get you in the credits and offer you a free copy), let me know through email at: paperdicegames (at) gmail.com. Please note, I only have space for a few proofreaders, so if it’s something you are interested in, please let me know sooner rather than later.

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