Podcast Episode 4 – The Top 10 RPGs I Want to Run

Episode 4 Season 1 Release Notes

  • Star Smuggler: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1699/star-smuggler
  • Star Smuggler Review: https://paperdicegames.com/2018/05/25/star-smuggler-a-smug-review/
  • Old School D&D Module: BSOLO The Ghost of Lion Castle
  • Free Distress Calls: https://paperdicegames.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/distress-calls.pdf
  • Top 10 RPG Games I Want to Run
    • Great Pendragon Campaign
    • Ravenloft Module, 2e
    • Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign
    • Keep on the Borderland, 2e
    • Pendragon One-Shot, Exploring Non-Combat
    • The Lost City, 2e
    • Traveller, Gritty, Lethal, Sandbox
    • Ghost of Lion Castle, 2e
    • Ambush! – A War Game
    • Ironsworn + Ironsworn Delve Solo
  • Top 10 RPG Games I Haven’t Found Yet
    • Harry Potter Game focused on problem solving in Hogwarts with wacky spells
    • Game focused ONLY on royal court intrigue and politics
    • Space Opera Game – Without the setting dressings
    • Crunchy Detailed Magical Research Game, where in-game experiences help learn about pre-generated magic system
    • Good Zombie Survival Game, focused on one small hyper-detailed town

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