Unicorn Party – A Primary Math Game

Unicorn Party Title Image

Are you looking for a game to help reinforce primary math skills? Do you want a game that can teach teamwork and problem solving? Do you want a game where you host a super fun party for a Unicorn, and other woodland creatures? If so, check out Unicorn Party – A Primary Math Game!

Unicorn Party is a print and play card game that is designed to reinforce single digit addition skills in primary grade students. It plays in about 10 minutes, is for ages 5 and up, and one or two players can play!

In Unicorn Party, players work together to host a party! Each guest needs a certain amount of cupcakes and juice to stay happy. By adding the cupcake and juice cards together, the player can feed their guests. The closer the player can match the sum of food requested by the guest, the better! Once the food runs out, the party is over – hopefully all guests have been fed!

A free version of Unicorn Party is available here – play with a regular deck of cards!

A full version of Unicorn Party is available here – as a print and play product for just $3.99!

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