Fox In The Forest

To the Table - Fox In The Forest

Have you played Fox in the Forest?

This game has recently emerged as a favorite for my wife and I. The two-player trick taking game adds some interesting elements that we haven’t seen before in a game, and it’s grown to be one of our most played – especially as a travel game when we go on trips.

The Gameplay

Fox in the Forest is a trick taking game with two interesting elements. The first, is the scoring system. If you win the majority of the tricks in a round, you win more points. However, if you win too many tricks in a game, your opponent scores more points!* This adds a light tension throughout the game, as you’re never quite sure on your opponent’s strategy as the hand unfolds.

The second interesting element are the card powers. Each odd-numbered card has a different power that impacts the game when played. These powers range from changing the trump suit to changing who leads the next hand, to forcing your opponent to lay a specific card. These cards add a ton of fun to the game – strategy changes quickly throughout the game as you reassess what you think will help you best to win.

*For being humble. 🙂

Why I Like It

My wife and I love two player games. We have enjoyed Lost Cities, Codenames: Duet, and Cribbage. Fox in the Forest has joined the ranks as one of our favorite 2 player games. While I consider myself a gamer who enjoys strong theme, I still have a lot of fun with this game, despite the theme not matching the gameplay very well.

Most of all, I enjoy it because Fox in the Forest has figured out a way to create a fun and dynamic 2 player trick taking game that challenges both players, often to the last trick.

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