Winter Moon, Inspiring the Silver Crescent

I found this piece of art when I was browsing fantasy pictures online. It is listed here as public domain, and appears to be by Tanya Hall, of Moonlake Designs. I contacted the artist over twitter to see if this is correct, and am still waiting a response! Update 11/14 – she responded – yes, that is her wonderful art. Check it out above!

Winter Moon

Why I Love This

I love this piece because it inspires a vision. I imagine myself running an RPG, liked Dungeons and Dragons. The characters are struggling through a terrible snowstorm when suddenly – the snow lightens, then stops. The clouds part, the sky opens, and a bright moon shines overhead. The characters cannot believe their luck!

Imagine their surprise when the moon slowly floats to the ground in front of them.

There, the Silver Crescent (or a better, less horrible name) presents them with a deal. This creature will keep the horrible snowstorm away, if the party can provide a gift worthy enough for the Silver Crescent.

Of course, the party will notice the baubles and ribbons hanging from the top of the crescent. Maybe the party bard will identify one of the more famous baubles, giving the party an idea of what a “worthy” gift might mean.

Do the characters say no and face the challenge of the storm? Do they offer a cheap gift in hopes it is enough, or take the deal and offer a worthy gift? Or do they try their luck in combat, after seeing what loot might be available?

Fantasy Art

Art like this is why I love browsing images. It’s not a typical example of fantasy art, yet it creates a clear story in my mind that is both fantastical and awe-inspiring*. I’m always looking for more art to inspire the games that I am a part of!

*And also quite dangerous.

If you want to be included in upcoming focus articles, please send me an inquiry at , or contact me on twitter.

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