Managing the Madness

I’m a huge fan of March Madness. It’s not necessarily the sport that draws me in (though moments like these are magic), or even the spectacle of the event. What interests me most about the NCAA tournament is the history it creates every single year, and the legacy that teams and coaches leave behind.

Which is why I’m glad I found the print and play game College Basketball Dynasty, by Robert M. Carroll, in 2014.

In College Basketball Dynasty, you take the helm of one of 117 men’s college basketball teams (though you could easily choose women’s), and lead the team through 12 seasons.

This game really feels like you are rostering players and improving their skills over a four year span. The decisions you make as a coach not only impact the following year, but possibly a few years down the road. You can recruit a strong freshmen class, lead them through to their senior year, and then leave for a better coaching job (or start all over again)! It feels like you are creating a basketball dynasty. Each season takes five or less minutes to play, and your are immediately moving on to the next.

Over the last five years, I have not only enjoyed this game each March – but I have kept track of my coaches stats, and slight rule tweaks to the game. I want to share this with you, in hopes that you might also enjoy this wonderful print and play game by Robert M. Carroll. Took keep this post short, I’ll just link the details of my history with the game, and my rule tweaks, to my Board Game Geek List.

If you are interested at all in March Madness or college basketball, I highly suggest you take a look at this game. It’s print and play, and there is very little component set up – just print the coach’s mat, print and cut all the player tokens, and enjoy! The game has brought me literal years of enjoyment – and even though my real life NCAA brackets get trashed year in and year out, I know I have one other reason to look forward to March Madness each spring – College Basketball Dynasty.

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